• Compact design of this instrument panel combines all of the functions of multiple gauges and indicators in one custom package
  • Main functions include bar graph type tachometer and digital read-out speedometer (MPH or KPH) with odometer and tripometer
  • Indicator lights include turn signal, high beam, low oil pressure and neutral
  • A charging system monitor that displays a low charging rate or an overcharge rate is also included
  • Speedometer calibration is easily accomplished (with an on-screen push button) by using a known distance such as highway mile markers
  • The super bright display can easily be seen in daylight but will automatically dim at night
  • Panel housing is CNC machined from billet aluminum and the contents are epoxy sealed for moisture, vibration and corrosion resistance
  • Instrument panel measures 2" long x 3.350" wide x 1" tall and requires one of the mounting brackets listed
  • Instructions are included
Note: Requires the OEM transmission mounted speed sensor found on most 1995/Later models and an aftermarket ignition system that has a separate digitally operated tachometer output wire. The tachometer will not operate directly off of the coil's primary terminal.
Wire Plus
Chrome Plated 1 1/2" O.D. handlebar bracket